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SDDPA stands today, having got convincingly empowered and experienced, imparting and inducing empowerment and sustainability amidst the poorest, for the last 25 years of its sojourn, through the roughest and toughest terrains of poverty’s manifestation in their worst forms and was constantly in search for viable solutions in its historical context of existence to the worst of the invincible enemies of humanity, through out the human history –POVERTY- in which all the tens and thousands, with whom it has been and is traveling, have the most dreaded hereditary, share with.

Learning with and from the poor results in revived and revealing devolving concepts of development for the years that has gone by giving it the courage without boasting to affirm that it is capable of bringing about the more or less, best results in empowermentally integrated, harmonious and sustainable development process, for the targeted poor, particularly and generally of its operational areas.

SDDPA presently stands, having completed 25 years’ of service to the poor and to the village community, quantitatively and qualitatively grown and moving ahead with infatigable competency to meet the challenges to be encountered in its pursuit of facilitating balanced, participatory, sustainable and integrated development of the poor in its operational areas, fighting poverty in all its ramifications and dehumanizing manifestations across the village community. Comprising majority of our countrymen, with which SDDPA chances to work with keeping in mind the village community is the building blocks of the district, state and the larger national community. As the villaes, so the state and the Nation – SDDPA has no doubts.

Since 1990 its facilitation in Mehabubnagar District has resulted in Organizing and federating over 30000men and women form 130 villages of 5 Mandals, consciously and actively participating in balanced, integrated and sustainable development of the poor, after being considerably empowered to take up the responsibility.


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