Biotechnology in Agriculture  


  • Awareness building on health hazards from food with chemical residues; food with chemical residues;
  • “Lab to Land” – bio pesticides and fertilizers;
  • Production and promotion of bio pesticides and fertilizers;
  • Promoting herbal and organic pesticides;
  • Development farmers’ melas and interaction;
  • General awareness in all the villages;
  • Field application of bio pesticides and fertilizers with promising results;
  • Bio tech laboratories at Wanaparthy and rural Technology Park of NIRD, Hyderabad;
  • Model  melas and many interactions organized with over  5000 participants;
  • IPM with various methods being implemented in 10 villages;
  • Growing interest in BT.
  • Research, production, promotion and propagation of bio/botanical pesticides & ertilizers;
  • Capacity building in application of bio technology in agriculture;
  • Development of model villages and facilitating interactions;
Training in organic & bio farming, especially in Production, demonstration, training and input service for adoption of bio technology in agriculture such as vermicompost production, application.  Promotion of production and application of organic fertilizers and pest controllers with locally available raw materials. When the farmers adopt bio technology in agriculture, availability of bio pesticides and fertilizers locally and at affordable rate became a distant dream.  At this juncture, with the support of APNL BTU and research institutes and scientists, SDDPA established rural bio laboratories for research assistance, demonstration, production and propagation of bio pesticides and fertilizers while ensuring these are made available at door step to the farmers at affordable rates.
  • Rural laboratories for production of bio and botanical pesticides;
  • Biotech Resource Center for research, production and demonstration of various biotechnologies, at Rural Technology Park, National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad.
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