Biotechnology in Livestock Development  
  • Conversion of  agro waste into nutrient feed for animal health;
  • Yeast for animal health – production & propagation;

Livestock is the next major income generating activity for majority population of the area.  During this decade the population of livestock drastically declined due to non availability of fodder.  Cost of mutton spiraled to Rs.170/kg during the last couple of years.  On the other hand tones and tones of agro waste and/or agro byproducts are being destroyed without any benefit.  These agro waste also contain number of nutrients and minerals.  SDDPA with the support of APNL BTU and research institutes came up the program of converting these other wise thrown away agro waste in valuable nutrient cattle feed.  A demonstration cum production unit was opened at Tadparthy near Wanaparthy.  Besides procuring agro waste from farmers producing and supplying nutrient cattle feed to the needy at affordable rate, this unit provide service to the needy where in the farmers bring their agro waste and convert them in to nutrient cattle feed, for a nominal fee.

  • Yeast culture units for production and demonstration;
  • Feed mixing plants for cattle feed from agro waste – service facility for farmers to produce cattle feed on;


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