Community Organization & Capacity Strengthening  


  • Organizing deprived for conscious and united plan and action;
  • Formation of Self Help Groups;
  • Federation and networking of CBOs;
  • Social, political, economic and environmental awareness building;
  • Network of CBOs from other mandals, district and state for solidarity and business linkage.
  • Over 30000 men, women, youth and bala-balikas organized into 1500 SHGs;
  • Evolvement of wider unity and solidarity and emergence of the poor as advocacy and pressure groups;
  • Monthly Network meeting of CBOs from other
  • Social, economic, political & environmental  awareness building
  • Organizing, federating & promoting network of CBOs & NGOs;
  • Analytical, articulation, leadership & managerial capacity.

Organizing the unorganized for participatory and   united action, into Self Help Groups (SHG) of men and women and federating them into strong and consciously active CBOs for social, political, economic, administrative and environmental development of the villages and area. SDDPA believes in active and conscious participation in planning, monitoring, implementation and reaping the harvest of all development interventions for sustainability.  Hence from the inception the approach of SDDPA was to enable the deprived poor to come together for united action. It was then called “Sangham Model Development” from which the concept of present SHG derived. Education and Awareness Creation    through cultural programmes, trainings, literacy, tuition centres, youth associations, seminars, exposure trips, social gatherings, shramadhans, group discussions, etc. were the tools used for evolving conscious and active participation of all, especially the most deprived, in wholesome development of themselves and the area.

  • Over 30000 women, men & youth motivated, organized, calibrated and federated to emerge as advocacy and pressure groups with wider unity & solidarity, through conscious &active participation with improved credibility and bargaining power.

    Community Organization & Capacity Strengthening  
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