Drought Mitigation and Livelihood Development  


  • A wareness camps & Situation analysis;
  • Watershed development;
  • Sustainable agriculture – agro-forestry;
  • Water conservation & management measures;
  • Roof water harvesting;
  • Soil fetility Management;
  • Forestry development;
  • Livestock development.
  • Enhanced drought awareness & preparedness in the operational area;
  • Watershed development in 24 villages ;
  • Ground water level depletion diluted;
  • Migration check;
  • Growing tree population/horticulture gardens.
  • Nutrient Cattle feed Production Unit at wanaparthy
  • Micro finance for livelihood development;
  • Vealue addition to local agro products;
  • Skill trainings for livelihood;
  • Cooperative production units;
  • Market linkage development;
  • Mobilization of resources;
  • Over 1000 women trained in various skill;
  • Garment production unit;
  • Solar mango jelly production and marketing;
  • Establishment of market outlet and linkages;
  • Migration control;
  • Growing demand for more skill trainings;
  • Growing micro enterprises & employment opportunities.
  • Awareness  & motivation camps, situation analysis, participatory planning & action committees;
  • Soil & water conservation soil fertility development, afforestation, silvi-pasture & fodder development;
  • Watershed Development;
  • Skill trainings for value addition, cooperative production units & market linkages;

Micro (500 ha) Watershed Development of 24 units in 20 villages.  Majority of them counted among the best in the State and visited by many from far and near for study of the system of implementation and effects.  Engaged in facilitation of NABARD sponsored watershed in two villages.  SDDPA is also one of the resource organizations for capacity building in watershed development.

  • Drought awareness and preparedness and reduction in migration;
  • Watershed development in 24 villages;
  • Growing greenery, horticulture gardens and agro-    forestry;


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    Sustainable Agriculture– Organic/Bio farming  
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    Drought Mitigation and Livelihood Development  
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