Economic Self Reliance  


  • Promotion of thrift and micro lending;
  • Skill up-gradation and self employment;
  • Mobilization of local resource;
  • Independent finance management by women;
  • Micro enterprises of the women;
  • Marketing outlets market linkages
  • Corpus fund from 0.05 to 5 lakhs per SHG; Total corpus fund of 1250 SHGs : Rs.450 millions
  • Two MACS with over 5000 membership;
  • Reduced dependency on money lenders;
  • Enhanced credibility, bankability and bargaining power for the most deprived, especially the women;
  • Market linkage with women in other districts and state.
  • Thrift & credit at SHG and micro finance at VO and MACS level;
  • Skill up-gradation, value addition to local agro products, 
  • Market linkages – exchange of products through CBO netoworks;
  • Promotion of micro enterprises and mobilization of resources;

Through  ‘Thrift  & Credit’  - regular monthly savings by members, initial matching support by SDDPA, mobilisation of local resources like DWCRA, UNDP, Banks, etc.& effective and systematic credit management with reduced dependency on cutthroat moneylenders and established credibility and bargaining power. 

  • Economical self dependency with own corpus fund in SHGs.

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