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Need of the Hour

  • Infrastructure: APNL-BTU promised support for establishment of rural laboratories for production of bio pesticides and fertilizers, provided, SDDPA has its own buildings. SDDPA already have land but no funds for construction of the required buildings;
  • Drought Mitigation &migration control: Due to continues monsoon failure during list two years and this year, agriculture came down to 50% and migration increased due to lack of employment opportunities and income. Immediate relief, welfare and sustainable mitigation measures are to be facilitated, on war foot basis, to check migration resulting in spread of AIDS, rising school dropouts and neglected old resorted to begging. 
  • Wider promotion of Organic/Bio farming : present activities in promotion of organic/bio farming, supported by APNL-BTU, are limited to a few model villages. Wider promotion and propagation in our operational area and the district are most urgent; 
  • Sustainable Marketing Linkages:Skill trainings, cooperative production units and value addition to local products are gaining good momentum however faced with marketing problems. Marketing linkage development through CBOs existing in all the districts and states would be a better option. There is an urgent need for exploring in all the districts and states would be a better option. There is an urgent need for exploring these possibilities through networking solidarity building among the CBOs in the count
For construction of a RESOURCE CENTER at Wanaparthy to house

  1. Laboratories for research and production of bio pesticides - bacillus Thuringensis, virus pesticides, Trychogramma, trychoderma, pseudomonas, pheromone traps;
  2. Botanical pesticides – neem products, pongamia products, anona,
  3. Yeast production unit for nutrient cattle feed;
  4. Nutrient cattle feed from agro waste;
  5. Herbal medicines
  6. Livelihood activities – Dhal processing unit, sorghum products, etc.
  7. Human resources development – training center
  8. Mahila Bank (micro finance)
  9. Office complex

(approximate estimated cost Rs.3 million – USD 70,000 besides cost of land which is already owned by SDDPA)

  1. For Wider promotion of Organic Farming :
  2. Awareness Building
  3. Development of Model Villages;
  4. Accompaniment from land preparation to marketing of products;

For Community Based Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities

  • Vocational training to deserving persons with disabilities;
  • Rehabilitation and welfare of destitute and acute cases;
  • Further expansion to more areas          

Donations within India
  All donations sent to SDDPA are exempted under section 80(G) of the IT Act of 1961.

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