Technology Partners :
  • Andhra Pradesh Netherlands Bitechnology Unit (APNLBTU), Hyderabad;
  • Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad;
  • Directorate of Oilseeds Research (DOR), Hyderabad;
  • Dept. of Chemistry, Osmania University, Hyderabad;
  • Dept. of Veterinary Science, ANGR Agriculture University (ANGRAU), Hyderabad;
  • Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad;
  • ICRISAT, Hyderabad;
  • Catholic Hospital Association of India (CHAI), Hyderabad;
  • National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Hyderabad;
  • CFTRI, Hyderabad & Mysore;
  • Dept. of Foods & Nutrition (Home Science), ANGRAU, Hyderabad.
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